Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hello readers ;) omagosshhhh , last night I sleep at 4.30 o'clock xD Hikhok :> and wake up at 2 pm . Asking Hanani if she can go to Times Square tomorrow or not and she reply she can't go . That's good because I want to shopping thingy to make a cake :D But , Sabrina want to watch movie but if she follow , she'll be ignore by me :/ So , simple . No need to follow . She says , okay D: What to do . Tomorrow , I will go to Times Square w Kakak and Kak Thira . Movie *of course , Tutti Frutti *of course and shopping thingy to make a cake *of course mwihihi :3 wait , gtg . want to finish my BM and Maths homework . Bye ;)

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