Friday, December 9, 2011

9 Decemver 2011

Hollllla x) Yesterday I'm doing my homework w Hanani , Aishah and Sabrina at PKL . But we have a problem . Sabrina wear slipper . actually , cannot wear it and we don't know what to do . Hanani and Aishah told Sabrina to call her mom but Sabrina ignore . I know what she think . Then , we go to food court *idkwhattocallthatplace* Drinking and story evrything :> hikhok# I want to eat , but there's many cats . We don't eat anything but the cats came to us . Then , we go back to that library . We told Sabrina to stay at the locker alone . 5 min , one of us will go down . I go down first while waiting for my sister to give me the book . Then , my sister gave her shoes to Sabrina and my sister wear Sabrina's slipper . My sister have to wait outside .Then , we study as usual . Before we go home , we stay at Mc'D first . Hungry much ~ That all :) Bye ~

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